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Three Heap Sutra

This prayer can be recited on any occasion to purify negative karma. Recite three times in
the morning and three times in the evening.
I and all sentient beings forever
Take refuge in the Lamas,
Take refuge in the Buddhas,
Take refuge in the Dharma,
Take refuge in the Sangha.
Prostrations to the Blessed One, Tathagata, Arhat, Perfectly and
Fully Enlightened Buddha Shakyamuni.
Prostrations to Completely Vanquishing Vajra Essence.
Prostrations to Precious Radiating Light.
Prostrations to King of the Naga Lords.
Prostrations to Bravest of the Forces.
Prostrations to Glorious joy.
Prostrations to Precious Fire.
Prostrations to Precious Moonlight,
Prostrations to Meaningful to Behold.
Prostrations to Precious Moon.
Prostrations to Immaculate One.
Prostrations to Glorious Giving.
Prostrations to Purity.
Prostrations to Pure Giving.
Prostrations to God of Waters.
Prostrations to God of the God of Waters.
Prostrations to Glorious Nobility.
Prostrations to Glorious Sandalwood.
Prostrations to Limitless Dignity.
Prostrations to Glorious Light.
Prostrations to Glorious Sorrowlessness.
Prostrations to Son of Detachment.
Prostrations to Glorious Flower.
Prostrations to Tathagata Manifest Clairvoyance of
Pure Light.
Prostrations to Tathagata Manifest Clairvoyance of
Lotus Light.
Prostrations to Glorious Wealth.
Prostrations to Glorious Mindfulness.
Prostrations to Glorious Name of Extreme Renown.
Prostrations to King Victory Banner Tipped with Power.
Prostrations to Extremely Overpowering Glory.
Prostrations to Complete Victor of the Battlefield.
Prostrations to Overpoweringly Gloriously Gone.
Prostrations to Glorious Arrangement of All Perception.
Prostrations to Glorious Overpowering with Precious Lotuses.
Prostrations to the Tathagata, Arhat, Perfectly and Fully
Enlightened Buddha, King of the Power of Mountains,
Well-Seated on a Precious Lotus.
May all these blessed Buddhas and all others dwelling in
the ten directions of the world of existence, the
Tathagatas, Arhats, perfectly and fully enlightened
Buddhas give heed to me.
In this life, and in all my lives without beginning and end,
Whatever unwholesomeness I did in each of these worldly lives
in samsara,
Whatever I caused others to do,
Or rejoiced in their doing.
I extorted offerings for stupas,
Offerings for the Sangha,
Offerings for the Sangha of the ten directions,
Caused others to extort,
Or rejoiced in others’ extortion.
I committed the actions of the five irredeemable sins,
Caused others to commit them,
Or rejoiced in others committing them.
I completely engaged in the path of the ten unwholesome actions,
Caused others to be engaged,
Or rejoiced in others’ engagement.
Obscured by these obscuring actions,
I and living beings will fall into hell,
Fall into the birthplace of animals,
Fall into the realm of hungry ghosts,
Be born in the land of barbarians,
Be born as savages,
Be born as long-lived gods,
Become one with defective senses,
Become one who holds wrong views,
Or become one whose obscuring actions displease the Buddha
when He appears.
I confess these and all others before the Blessed Buddhas,
Who are transcendent wisdom,
Who are eyes, who are witnesses,
Who are perfect,
Without hiding, or concealing,
Henceforth I will cease and refrain.
May all these blessed Buddhas give heed to me.
In this life, and in all my lives without beginning and end,
In each of these worldly lives in samsara.
Whatever roots of virtue arise from my gift of even a mouthful
of food to an animal,
Whatever roots of virtue arise from my preserving morality,
Whatever roots of virtue arise from my completely maturing
Whatever roots of virtue arise from my generating supreme
enlightenment thought,
All of these, gathered, combined, and added,
I completely dedicate to the highest,
Supremest of the supreme,
Highest of the high,
Unsurpassable, perfect, and full enlightenment.
However the blessed Buddhas of the past dedicated,
However the blessed Buddhas of the future will dedicate,
However the blessed Buddhas of the present are dedicating,
So do I completely dedicate.
I confess each and every sin.
I rejoice in all virtues.
I request and beseech all the Buddhas.
May I attain the unsurpassable transcendent wisdom which
is holy and supreme.
I fold my hands and reverently take refuge
In all those victorious supreme beings of the present,
Those who have passed, and those who have yet to come,
Whose good qualities are praised as a boundless ocean.
All Bodhisattvas who possess the power of compassion,
Heroes who benefit and protect living beings,
Protect me who is protectorless and full of sin.
All Bodhisattvas, grant me refuge.
The three forms of action of the body,
Four forms of the voice,
Three forms of the mind,
I confess each of these ten non-virtues.
From beginningless time until now,
With mind governed by negative emotions,
I have committed the ten non-virtues and five heinous crimes.
I confess all and each of these non-virtues.
All of whatever slight virtues that I may have gathered
through prostrating, offering, confessing, rejoicing,
requesting, and beseeching,
I dedicate to the attainment of enlightenment perfect and great.
Translated by Venerable Lama Kalsang Gyaltsen and Ane Kunga Chodron on the
auspicious day of the Great Sakya Pandita, 1993, in Washington D.C. By this merit
may all living beings purify negativity, accumulate virtue, and achieve perfect




Victor’s Dharani
(Sonshô darani)
Full title:
Crown of the Victor Dharani
(Bucchô sonshô darani)
Nô bo- ba gya ba- tei

ta re ro ki ya-

ha ra chi- bi shi shu- da ya

bo- da ya

ba gya ba- tei ta ni ya- ta-

[X] on bi shu da ya bi shu da ya

sa ma sa ma san man da-

ha ba sha- so ha ran da- gya chi gya ga nô

so wa han ba-

bi shu tei

a bi shin sha- to- man

so gya ta- ha ra ha sha nô a- mi ri ta-

bi- sei ke- ma ka man da ra ha- dai

a- ka ra a- ka ra

a yu san da ra ni-

shu da ya- shu da ya-

gya gya nô bi shu tei

u shu ni sha bi sha ya-

bi shu tei

sa ka sa ra ara shin mei

san so ni tei

sara ba- ta da gya- ta-

ba ro gya ni

sa ta ha ra mi ta

ha ri ho ra ni-

sara ba- ta ta gya ta-

ki ri ta- ya

ji shu tan nô

ji shu chi- ta-

ma ka bo da rei

ba- za ra gya- ya-

su gya ta- no-

bi shu tei

sara ba- ha ra da-

ha ya to ri

gya ra ha ri bi shu tei

ha ra chi ni ha ra da ya

a- yoku shu- tei

san ma- ya-

ji shu chi- tei

ma ni ma ni ma ka ma ni

ta tan da bo ta ku chi

ha ri shu- tei-

bi so bo- da-

bô ji shu tei [X] sha- ya- sha- ya-

bi sha ya- bi sha ya-

san mo ra san mo ra

sara ba- bo- da-

ji shu chi- te- shu dei

ba- ji ri ba- za ra

kyara bei ba- za ra ban ba-

[X] to ma ma sha ri ran

sara ba- sa to ban nan sha gya ya-

ha ri bi shu tei

sara ba- gya ra chi ha ri shu- tei

sara ba- ta ta gya- ta-

shitsu sha- mei

san ma- jin ba- sa- en to-

sara ba- ta ta gya- ta-

san ma- jin ba- sa-

ji shu chi tei

bô ji ya

bô ji ya

bi bo ji ya bi bo ji ya

bô da ya bô da ya

bi bo da ya bi bo da ya

san man da-

ha ri shu- tei

sara ba- ta tagya- ta-

[Y] ki ri ta- ya-

ji shu tan no-

ji shu chi- ta-

[Y] ma ka bo da rei so- wa- ka-.

Disaster Preventing Dharani


Full title:
Marvelously Beneficial Disaster Preventing Dharani
(Shôsai myôkichi darani)

No- mo- san man da-

mo to nan

o ha ra- chii ko to sha-

so no nan [X] tô ji- tô


gya- gya-

gya- ki- gya- ki-

un men

shi fu ra- shi fu ra-

ha ra shi fu ra- ha ra shi fu ra-

chi shu sa- chi shu sa-

chi [Y] shu ri- chi shu ri-

so wa ja- so wa ja-

[Y] sen chi- gya-

shi ri ei so- mo- ko- .

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Tao Te Ching

The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name. The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth. The named is the mother of ten thousand things. Ever desireless, one can see the mystery. Ever desiring, one can see the manifestations. These two spring from the same source but differ in name; this appears as darkness. Darkness within darkness. The gate to all mystery.

Virtues of Kong-zi (Confucius)

道 tao; path, right way * 仁 ren, benevolent * 徳 de, virtuous * 禮 li, propriety * 義 yi, morality * 忠 zhong, loyalty * 恕 shu, reciprocity * 信 xin, trustworthy * 命 ming, destiny, fate * 天 tien, heaven, above * 理 li, principle *