PA HSIEN : Ordinary mortals who through good works and good lives were rewarded by the Queen Mother Wang by giving them the peaches of everlasting life to eat.LI TIEH-KUAI Li of the Iron Crutch. A healer, Li sits as a beggar in the market place selling wondrous drugs, some of which can revive the dead.CHUNG-LI CH’UAN A smiling old men always beaming with joy, he was rewarded with immortality for his ascetic life in the mountains.LAN TS’AI-HO A young flute-player and wandering minstrel who carries a basket laden with fruit. His soul searching songs caused a stork to snatch him away to the heavens.

LU TUNG-PIN A hero of early Chinese literature. Renouncing riches and the world, he punished the wicked and rewarded the good and slew dragons with a magic sword.

CHANG-KUO LAO An aged hermit with miraculous abilities. Chang owned a donkey which could travel at incredible speed. The personification of the primordial vapor which is the source of all life.

HAN HSIANG-TZU A scholar who chose to study magic rather than prepare for the civil service. When his uncle chastised him for studying magic, Han Hsiang-Tzu materialized two flowers with poems written on the leaves.

TS’AO KUO-CHIU Ts’ao Kuo-Chiu tried to reform his brother a corrupt emperor by reminding him that the laws of heaven are inescapable.

HO HSIEN-KU “Immortal Maiden Ho.” A Cantonese girl who dreamed that she could become immortal by eating a powder made of mother-of-pearl. She appears only to men of great virtue.